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UT Institute of Agriculture
Center for Renewable Carbon

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Tennessee Center for Renewable Carbon


The Center for Renewable Carbon (CRC) has consolidated UTIA's growing research, teaching and outreach programs related to bioenergy production and biomaterials processing into one cohesive unit. Previously four groups were operating separate, but related programs. They include the Office of Bioenergy Programs, the Forest Products Center, the Sun Grant Initiative, and the Carbon Sequestration Program.

Recent News & Events
04/11/14 -
Cellulosic Energy Cropping Systems presents a comprehensive overview of how cellulosic energy crops can be sustainably produced and converted to affordable energy through liquid fuels, heat and electricity. Dr. Sam Jackson contributed chapter 18, Commercialization of Cellulosic Energy Cropping Systems. More.
02/05/14 -
The Regional Feedstock Partnership bibliography is now available for download here.
01/23/14 -
USDA Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden toured the Center for Renewable Carbon. More.
12/12/13 -
New partnership ensures future for North America's premier database of wood-to-energy producing/consuming facilities. More.
11/22/13 -
The article "Influence of Temperature and Humidity on Nano-mechanical Properties of Cellulose Nanocrystal Films Made from Switchgrass and Cotton", published July 2013, has been downloaded or viewed 382 times since publication. The article, written by Qiang Wu, Yujie Meng, Katherine Concha, Siqun Wang, Yanjun Li, Lingfei Ma, Shenyun Fu, is a great example for the collaboration among US, China and Chile. Download the article here.
11/14/13 -
Baker Center Energy and Environment Forum: "Climate Change and Decision Making: An Economic and Agricultural Perspective" by Dr. Bruce McCarl, from Texas A&M University. 3:30 p.m., Baker Center's Toyota Auditorium. More.